What are our capabilities?

Business analytics

The aim of business analytics is clear determination of changes required to achieve strategic goals. These changes include adjustment of strategy, politics and structure of the enterprise. We are ready to offer a full range of services: analysis and modeling of business processes, IT consulting, implementation of information systems and personnel training.

Selection of tools, channels for promotion and sales

Successful and sophisticated communications arise from well-developed strategy of the company. Rely on genuine professionals to select the range of tools that will meet needs of your business. We guarantee an individual approach for every project, and offer essential promotion channels and tactics relevant for the brand.

Structure and interaction

Smooth interaction between various informational materials and processes contributes to better customer involvement. Inappropriate structure of communication may cause obstacles to satisfaction of both clients and business owners. Process optimization can be achieved through formation of the most rational structure without any functional defects, in which all elements interact coherently.

Planning and budgeting.

One of the most fundamental stages of efficient business management is sensible disposition of funds. Planning and budgeting require comprehensive investigation of company’s resource potential at the analysis stage. We ensure a multifaceted approach for resource allocation that will enable immediate response to market changes.

Consulting and audit

We provide extensive consulting based on research findings that will facilitate solving the most complex technical and promotional issues of your online presence. By means of routine monitoring and independent expertise it is possible to identify potential for growth and improvement, as well as eliminate major shortcomings that inhibit further profitability of internet business.

Development of websites of any complexity

In modern business environment lack of efficient online presence reduces company’s competitive performance. Successful website, whether it is a landing page, corporate website or online store, requires clear understanding of target audience, selection of optimal functional options and marketing practices. To achieve customer engagement we provide attractiveness of the design, appropriate functionality, user-friendly interface and relevance to clients’ needs.

Development of mobile applications

Mobile apps allow user to gain access to your website in any place with Internet connection, which opens new horizons for business to promote its products and services, attract clients and enhance brand loyalty. We clearly understand customer demands, therefore, develop state-of-the-art applications for different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Search engine optimization

Traditional promotion strategies are rapidly evolving under the influence of Internet marketing. The key to success of the website lies in making it visible to prospective visitors. Tools of search engine optimization allow to increase site position in search results, which will guarantee more traffic to the site and, therefore, more sales. SEO is a very complex process, which should be entrusted to professionals.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is based on usage of keywords that are searched by the internet user; this makes contextual adverts specifically targeted according to persons’ interests. That’s why this type of marketing is characterized by high selectivity and allows for the most optimal budget allocation by payment for actual results. We ensure the highest performance of your contextual advertising campaigns.


Social networks have revolutionized our conceptions of communications and have changed the way we do business. Social media marketing helps to form strong brand image, as well as promote separate products or services online. While increasing customers’ loyalty and the level of brand recognition through social networking, your company obtains undeniable competitive advantages. We will ensure appropriate adaptation of your marketing messages in accordance with communication in social networks.

Technical support

Technical support represents a range of services that enable prevention of possible problems, monitoring of site operation, timely updates of its design and performance, as well as filling it with contents. Technical support of the website is like insurance: in case of emergency it allows to fix any issue and restore full functionality of the site within the shortest possible time and with minimum financial losses.


Hosting is a service using which you can rent a place for your website on a server. Reliable hosting is associated with smooth operation of the site. Our company will help you to organize hosting on verified servers, obtain appropriate domain name, launch your website online on time-tested services with 24-hour support and maintenance, while ensuring optimal quality-price ratio.

Banners, inforgraphic

Today people receive large amounts of information, which is difficult to systemize and remember. Assistance in this regard comes from informational graphic and banners, ensuring visual representation of information in a form, which is easier to perceive. Placement of advertising banners is a powerful online marketing tool, but at the same time is regulated with strict standards and requirements. We provide development of banner design in compliance with current regulations and effective application of infographic.


Another important factor of site performance is its informational content. Quality of texts will determine whether the website will meet criteria to be visible in search engine results, as well as spark interest of visitors. Copywriting is an art of creating engaging commercial texts that will yield profits, and we master this art perfectly.

About agency

4DClick Internet Agency provides a complex of services for development of websites and web-based applications, as well as performs individual positioning and constant marketing support on the Internet.

We carefully select tools and resources for conducting business online in reliance upon customer’s needs. Our aim is to identify golden opportunities and take advantage of them. In our work we are guided by the principle of open interaction and close collaboration at all stages of project development and implementation. A client is just more than counterparty for us, he is a business partner, with whom we jointly form the goals and turn them into reality, at the same time exchanging knowledge and experience.

While holding an overall picture in mind, we address details and contribute to improvement of separate business processes. Quality of our services is confirmed by loyalty and trust of our customers.

We strive to constantly enhance our skills: in 2013, we became authorized partners of Google Adwords, and in 2015, achieved status of an accredited consultant within the Business Advisory Services (BAS) program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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